Altech DDFL4U Double Level Fused DIN Rail Terminal Block

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The Altech DDFL4U is a double level fused terminal block for use with 35mm DIN Rails, The top level of the DDFL4U accepts 5mm x 20mm or 5mm x 25mm fuses for device protection and the bottom level is a separate independent feed through. The use of this double level terminal block greatly reduces space by eliminating the need for separate terminal blocks when two leads per device are required as with DC circuits. Convenient ID Tags are available for device labeling and we also offer this DIN Rail product in
custom colors.

Altech DDFL4U Double Level Fused Terminal Block Specifications:
   •  Double - 2 Level Terminal Block Saves Space
   •  Top Level Fused - Fuse not Included
   •  Top Fuse Lever Holds 2 Fuses: 1 In Use and 1 Spare
   •  Top and Bottom Level Isolated and Separate Circuits
   •  Connect Positive/Negative or Hot/Neutral to the same Terminal Block
   •  Stocked Color: Gray
   •  Constructed of Polyamide 6.6
   •  Wire Gauges Accepted: 22 - 10 AWG
   •  Maximum Voltage - 600V
   •  Current Rating:
        -  Top Level: 6.3A
        -  Bottom Level: 35A
   •  UL and CSA Listed
   •  Mounts to 35mm DIN Rail
   •  Each Series of DDFL4U Blocks must use one EPDDFL4U End Plate
   •  Dimensions (WxHxD): 0.314" x 2.598" x 3.464" (8mm x 66mmx 88mm)
   •  Sold Per Piece

Optional Items:
   •   EPDDFL4U Terminal Block End Plate
   •  Lever Mount ID Tags
        -   MT2-0110 1 thru 10
        -   MT2-1120 11 thru 20
   •  Body Mount ID Tags
        -   MT8-0110 1 thru 10
        -   MT8-1120 11 thru 20
   •   CA711 Jumping Strip - 10 Position
   •   CA802 Terminal Block End Stop
   •  Schurter 0034.3120 2A Slow Blow Fuse 5mm x 20mm
   •  IDEC BNDN1000 Aluminum DIN Rail 1', 2' or 3' Section

Note: The Optional Items will be added at the quantity matching the DDFL4U terminal block added to cart. Meaning if you buy 10 DDFL4U terminal blocks and select the option for the EPDDFL4U end plates you will get 10 Terminal Blocks and 10 times your option selection. It may be best if you purchase the bulk of the blocks as a separate item with options and then buy one of 2 blocks with options to meet your needs.

Sample Terminal Block Installation

Samples DIN Rail Power Supply and Terminal Block Assembly


Power Accessory Type:
  • DIN Rail
  • Terminal Block
Shade Component Manufacturer:
Terminal Block Capacity:
  • Modular