Somfy 1810791 RTS Repeater - Range Expander

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The Somfy 1810791 RTS Repeater expands the range of RTS controllers. Devices that previously might be out of range from a centrally located RTS transmitter can now be controlled by adding the RTS Repeater. This device simply plugs into the wall outlet and does not require any programming. The RTS repeater should be placed App. halfway between the Somfy motor and controller. The RTS Repeater receives the Signal and rebroadcasts it. An LED is provided for confirmation that the unit is receiving the RTS. Repeater has the same typical range of other transmitters at App. 65'

Somfy RTS Repeater Specifications:
   •  Communicates with all Somfy RTS RF Technology Devices
   •  Pug and Play - No Programming Required
   •  LED Feedback
   •  Controls unlimited number of motors simultaneously
   •  5.5" - 360 Degree Foldable Antenna
   •  Dimensions: 4.125" H x 2.125" W x 1.375" D (Without Antenna)
   •  Somfy Part # 1810791

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Channels of Control:
  • All
Control Mount:
  • Wall
Control Technology:
  • RTS
Control Type:
  • Repeater
Shade Component Manufacturer: