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Shade Motor Controls

The Rollease AUTOMATE Dry Contact Interface is an interior device that is used to control shades based on contact closures. This is an easy cost...
$15.19  /Each
Save 10%
The Somfy 1800219/1800220 is a decorator style momentary push button dry contact motor control switch. With a single press of the up/down/stop buttons...
$69.34 $62.41  /Each
Somfy Dry Contact to RTS Conversion Interface - Weatherproof Save 10%
The Somfy RTS Dry Contact interface home automation interface device for Somfy’s products that are compatible with RTS RF technology. The Somfy dry contact...
$71.42 $64.28  /Each
Somfy ST30 DCT Limit Setting Tool Save 10%
The Somfy Sonesse 30 ST30 DCT Limit Setting tool is designed specifically for the programming Sonesse 30 DCT (Dry Contact Motors). The limit setting tool...
$29.71 $26.74  /Each
Somfy 9014793 DCT Cable for Sonesse 30 DCT and RS485 Motors Save 10%
The Somfy 9014793 is a 4 conductor DCT Cable that can be used for both the Somfy Sonesse 30 DCT and RS485 motors. When used with the DCT motors this cable...
$15.61 $14.05  /Each