LT30-Leads - Somfy LT30 & ST30 Shade Motor Power Leads with Connector - Assembled

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Preassembled Somfy motor power leads compatible with variety of Somfy motors including the Somfy Sonesse 30 (ST30) motor as well as all of Somfy's legacy battery powered motors like the LT30 and CT32.

AVO LT30-Lead - Somfy LT30 / ST30 Power Lead Specifications
   •  Compatible with Somfy 12V Battery Motors - LT30, CT32 Etc.
   •  Compatible with Somfy Sonesse 30 (ST30) Motors
   •  Color: White - Unmarked Externally
   •  24 AWG Stranded Conductors
       -  Tinned Copper Wire is Negative Connection
       -  Copper Wire is Positive Connection
   •  Ships assembled an ready to use
   •  Select Your Lead Length

View Somfy LT30 Power Connector with Polarity Marked


Power Accessory Type:
  • Cable
Power Supply Type:
  • Cable
Power Supply Voltage:
  • 12VDC
  • 24VDC
Shade Component Manufacturer:
Shade Motor:
  • Somfy 12VDC
  • Somfy 24VDC
  • Somfy LT30
  • Somfy ST30