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Somfy 1001524 Sonesse 30 (ST30) RTS 24VDC Shade Motor Kit

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Somfy Sonesse 30 RTS 24VDC Shade Motor Kit with Optional Components

The Somfy Sonesse ST30 Shade Motor is a quiet 24VDC RTS Radio Frequency motor designed for specific use with roller shades. The Sonesse ST30 motors are engineered with superior noise reduction technology and from a distance of 3 feet, are barely heard. The compact, low profile Sonesse 30 motor is designed for tubes as small as 1.5" in diameter and is the perfect motor for use where more advanced control is needed of the shades. Choose this motor where larger shades need to be lifted and where operation must be at their quietest levels. This shade motor is powered via 24VDC from a wall plug-in transformer or hard wired power supply.

Special Features - The quiet Somfy Sonesse ST30 motor can be configured for use with 1.5" Rollease Tubes or 2" Rollease Shade Tubes. The Sonesse 30 Motor is Radio Frequency based so you don't have to point the remote at it every time you want to control it. In fact you can control the shades in your living room from your bedroom completely wirelessly. The Somfy ST30 RTS motor stores the limits set by the remote controls and memory is not lost when power is disconnected. With the momentary press of a button you can command the shade to go to the Full up, Full Down and a customer specified preferred Position. No need to hold the button down and wait for the shade to reach the desired position. Each motor can be controlled by more than one remote control. The Somfy ST30 RTS is controlled via Somfy's advanced RF technology which offers the user simple individual or group control as well as a host of automation options like Timers, Sun Sensor, RS232 Control etc. The Sonesse 30 series shade motors also have adjustable rotation speed so you can closely match the speeds of other shades in the same room.

Retrofit Considerations
This motor can be retrofitted to existing Rollease Chain/Clutch driven shades. By default the this motors is compatible with Rollease R-Series components and typically does not take any more space than the chain/clutch mechanism.

IF you have a Rollease R8 clutch/chain driven roller shade on a 1.25" or 1.5" Rollease tube. All you need are the motor components. Simply pull out the clutch and insert the motor. The existing brackets are normally compatible.

IF you have a Rollease R16 clutch/chain driven roller shade on a 1.5" Rollease tube. All you need are the motor components plus new brackets. Simply pull out the clutch, insert the motor and replace you RB560, R580 brackets with the Rollease R Series RB360, RB380, RB390 Brackets.

Somfy Sonesse ST30 RTS Roller Shade Motor Kit Specifications
   •  Operating Voltage 24VDC
   •  Normal Current Draw: 0.75A
   •  Torque: 2.0Nm
   •  Lift Capacity - Not Including Tube Weight
        -  1.5" Tube: 17.6lb
        -  2" Tube: 13.2lb
   •  Motor Speed: 28 RPM
   •  Quiet Operation : 44dBa
   •  Standard RTS RF Control
   •  Compatible with Somfy RTS RF Control Technology
   •  Requirements for use - Not Included
        -  Motor Crown and Drive
        -  Power Supply
        -  RTS RF Remote
        -  1.5" or 2" Rollease Shade Tube
        -  Rollease Shade Brackets
   •  Dimensions
        -  Overall: 16.125" L x 1.75" Dia. - Insertion Dia.: 1.135"
        -  Tube insertion length: 15.625"
   •  Weight: App. 1.43lb
   •  Warranty 5 years
   •  Included Items: (Some Pictured Items Not Included)
        -  ST30 RTS Motor
        -  Detachable Power Cord
        -  Not Included: Motor Crown and Drive
   •  Somfy Part # 1001524-Kit

   •  Crown and Drive:
        - For 1.5" Rollease Tubes - 9013775
        - For 2" Rollease Tubes - Includes:
              • Somfy ST30 to LS40 Adapter - 9013776
              • Rollease LS40 2" Crown and Drive - RTA5LS40

   •  Power Supply
        -  24VDC 0.75Amp White Power Supply w/Lead Terminated up to 10'

   •  Roller Shade Brackets
         -  RB360 1.5" Projection *
         -  RB380 2" Projection *

   •  End Plugs for the Shade Tube - Opposing Motor End of the Tube
        -  REP53 End Plug for 1.5" Rollease Tubes
        -   REP53 End Plug & RA2 Adapter for 2" Rollease Tubes

   •  Misc. Items - Shade Tape 1/2" x 36yd Double Sided Tape

   •  RTS Radio Frequency Remote Controls
        -  Telis 1 RTS Remote Control - 1 Channel Remote Control
                    -  Can control numerous shade motors but they will operate simultaneously.
        -  Telis 4 RTS Remote Control - 5 Channel Remote Control
                    -  Provides ability to separate motors onto 5 unique channels of control.
                    -  You may group shade motors onto the same channel for simultaneous control.

Roller Shade Tubes and Hem Bars are Sold Separately
   •  Rollease Roller Shade Tubes - Product Link
   •  Rollease Internal Bar and External Hem Bars - Product Link

* Projection Distance is the distance from the mounting surface to the center of the tube. Divide your roll diameter in half to figure out which bracket you need. If your roll diameter is 3" you will need the RB380 or RB390 brackets. Use of the RB360 would result in the shade rubbing the wall. If you do not know what your roll diameter is you can calculate the roll diameter using the shade calculator below.

Somfy Sonesse ST30 Crown and Drive Options

Somfy Sonesse ST30 RTS Motor Head w/ Connections

Somfy Sonesse 30 (ST30) RTS Roller Shade Installation Instructions

Somfy Sonesse 30 (ST30) RTS Shade Motor Programming Instructions

Roller Shade Components and Deductions

Rollease Shade Tube Specifications

Are you using the correct tube for the shade width and height that you are fabricating? The Shade Fabricator Calculator below will predict tube deflection (and more) based on tube size, material weight, width and height. Tube deflection is bending of the tube which will predict how flat your shade will hang and whether or not ripples in the material might be present.

Shade Fabricator Calculator - (Excel Spreadsheet) - Calculates Roll Diameter, Shade Weight, Tube Deflection Etc.

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Component Max Shade Width:
Component Min Shade Width:
Control Technology:
  • Somfy RTS (RF)
Max Tube Size:
Min Tube Size:
Motor RPM:
28 - Adjustable
Motor Torque:
Shade Component Manufacturer:
Shade Motor:
  • Somfy ST30
Shade Motor Voltage:
  • 24VDC