Phifer Sheerweave 3000 14% Open Weave Roller Shade Material

P01 Pearl White

Q01 Mushroom Sand>

Q02 Custard Cream

Q04 Chocolate

Q17 Sand Dollar

Q18 Espresso

V01 Pale Gray

V02 Ninja Gray

Q19 Honey Sage

Material Openness Companion
Series *
Construction Thickness Weight
Roll Widths Max.
W x H *
Sheerweave 3000
14%   PVC Coated Fiberglass 0.028" 13.46 72" 96"     96" x 93"

*Companion Series - These are materials that are color matched to each other and have the same thread patterns.

*Max Seamless - These are maximum sizes each shade can be made without a seam for the given material.