AVO 12 Position DIN Rail Power Distribution Panel/Terminal Block - PD12NF-DM

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The AVO PD12NF-DM power distribution panel is a convenient way to distribute power up to 12 devices. This is an excellent solution to breakout your power supply for distribution to home automation, shade motorization, LED lighting and low voltage devices. This breakout board is package in a convenient DIN Rail carrier. Mounting the circuit board in your power distribution panel is a snap. The circuit board provides two connections on the input side so connecting multiple distribution boards to one power supply is easy. The system is designed for use with the any device up to 250 VAC/VDC with a maximum supply current of 30A. Use this device where fuses are not required for your installation. Need fuses? Not a problem! Checkout our PD10F532DC-DM.

AVO PD12NF-DM - 12 Position Power Control Distribution Panel Specifications:
   •  Input Rating: up to 250VAC/VDC - 30A
   •  Output Rating: up to 250VAC/VDC - 20A
   •  Power Distribution: up to 12 Devices
   •  Compatible with 35mm DIN Rails
   •  Input Screw Terminals Accept 26 to 10AWG wires
   •  Output Screw Terminals Accept 26 to 12AWG wires
   •  Overall Dimensions: 3.3" L x 3.46" D x 2.625" H
   •  Weight: 0.3 lb

Optional Items:
   •  IDEC BNDN1000 Aluminum DIN Rail 1', 2' or 3' Section

PD12NF-DM - DIN Rail Mount Power Distribution Panel Brochure


Power Accessory Type:
  • DIN Rail
  • Power Panel
  • Terminal Block
Shade Component Manufacturer:
Terminal Block Capacity:
  • 12