AVO 24VD075W - 24VDC 0.75A White DC Wall Adapter / Power Supply

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The AVO 24VD075W Wall Plug DC adapter is a regulated switching power supply with 10' of connected 20AWG leads. This white power supply is designed to blend into the environment more easily. The very compact design, as well as its color, makes it perfectly suitable for office or residential decors. This small power supply has the ability to power 1 moderately sized 24VDC Somfy Sonesse 30 ST30 Motorized Shade.

AVO 24VD075W 24VDC 0.75A Wall Plug Power Adapter Specifications:
   •  24VDC 750ma Regulated Switch Mode Wall Plug Adapter
   •  Color: White
   •  Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz at 600ma Amp Full Load
   •  Output Voltage 24 Volts DC +/- 5%
   •  Level VI Efficiency: 85%
   •  Max Continuous Output Current 0.75A (750ma)
   •  Max Peak Output Current 0.90A (900ma)
   •  10' Tinned Copper 20 AWG Lead w/ Ferrite Noise Filter
   •  UL Listed Class II Power Supply
   •  Compact Size - Perfect for Portability or Aesthetics
   •  2 Prong Non-Polarized Plug
   •  2 Power Supplies can be plugged into 1 Duplex Outlet
   •  Built-In Short Circuit Protect w/ Auto Recovery
   •  Built-In Over Load Protect w/ Auto Recovery
   •  Operating Temperature: 32 - 104 Degrees F (0-40 Degrees C)
   •  Dimensions: 1.71" W x 2.91" H x 1.4" D (not Including Outlet Prongs)
   •  Weight: 0.35lb (5.56oz) With 10' Lead
   •  Warranty: 2 Year - AV Outlet Facilitated
   •  Powers 1 - moderately sized Somfy ST30 Motorized Shade

OPTIONAL ITEMS: Solutions for using this power supply with your existing Somfy 24VDC Sonesse 30 (ST30) motorized window treatment.

   •  Butt Splice Kit:Includes- 2 non insulated butt splices that accept 24 to 20 AWG wires and 3" of 1/4" 3:1 white heat shrink to cover the termination when crimped. Use this kit if you have your own leads from an old battery wand or other connector.

   •  Connector Kit: Includes - 2 Pin Contacts and 1 ST30 Connector. Use this kit for SELF TERMINATION and if you need the lead length 10' or Less. Requires soldering of wires to contacts.

   •  Terminated Power Supply: We will put the ST30 Connector on the power supply for you. You specify the overall total length of the lead and we'll terminate it. For lengths over 10' we will use a splice to add length up to 20' total length.

   •  ST30 Lead: Separate 10' Feet of 24 AWG White Lead w/ ST30 Connector. You can cut to length and butt splice on your own.

Instructions to Perform - Butt Splice Termination

A typical Somfy ST30 motorized shade 30" W x 65" H on a 1.5" tube uses 350ma of current and a shade 86" W x 73" H on a 1.5" tube typically requires 600ma of current.

* Our stated current draws are for use as estimates ONLY and are not specifications. Somfy states the ST30 Motors consume 750ma (0.75A) per motor. Current draw will depend on motor used, type of window treatment (roller shade, cellular, roman etc), size of tube, size and weight of the shade. To be certain of your needs you should test the current draw of your particular window treatment. Size your power supplies accordingly.

* If you connect multiple shades to one transformer they must be wired in parallel. If you do not understand the difference between series and parallel networks than you should not attempt to wire multiple shades to one power supply.


Power Accessory Type:
  • Power Supply
Power Supply Amps:
Power Supply Type:
  • Wall Plug
Power Supply Voltage:
  • 24VDC
Shade Component Manufacturer:
Shade Motor:
  • Somfy 24VDC
  • Somfy ST30