DIY Projection Screen Instructions - Step 3 - Attach Frame Mount

DIY Projection Screen Frame
Attaching Frame Mount Instructions

A guide to creating a profession DIY projection screen frame.

The goal in the design of this DIY projection screen mount frame is to provide a safe, sturdy, easy to hang mounting method that is versatile. The method we chose for mounting our DIY projection screen will allow for leveling the screen when it is off the wall and it will allow for post hanging horizontal alignment which is a very nice feature for those of you without horizontal lens shift on your projectors. The materials used can be found at your local major home stores.

The cost of materials for hanging this DIY Projection Screen Frame is app. $20.

Level of Difficulty 1 out of 10.

Tools Required:
- Screwdriver
- Drill
- Table Saw

- 1" x 2" x 6'  Poplar (Actual Size is 3/4" x 1.5" x 6')
- 1.5" x 3' x 1/8" Thick Aluminum Slat Qty: 2
- 1 1/4" Coarse Thread Drywall screws

Step 3 - Attaching Frame Mount Instructions:

1) Our DIY frame uses 3/4" material so the 1.5" aluminum slat will be exposed 3/4" after completion. We will center the rail mounting holes in the 3/4" space. We need to pre-drill thru holes for our screws 3/8" from the edge. We will use 5 screws per rail and we decided to space them at 1", 9", 18", 27" and 35" along the 36" rails. The holes should be drilled with a hole just large enough so the screw fits.

2) After drilling our holes we decided to use an oversized drill bit and counter sink the holes.

3) Since we are in the shop still we will prepare the mating piece of wood that will mount on the wall to accept the 3/4" tab exposed by our mounting rail. You will need to set up your saw to take a blade's width (app. 1/8") of material off of the 2" x 6' wood. Remember that our 2" wood is actually only 1.5" so we will set the height to 3/4" which will create a slot when the wood is mounted to the wall. Our 3/4" of exposed slat will slide into the slot provided by mating the wood to the wall. For those of you without a table saw you can also accomplish creating a slot by using the 1.5" x 6" piece of wood and some 3/4" wide, 1/8" thick spacers which should also be available at Home Depot.

4) Now we have our parts fabricated. We need to mount our aluminum rail to our frame. We will center the two 3' sections along our 8.5' frame edge across the top. We will attached them with our 1.25" dry wall screws. The rail should be flush with the top edge and 3/4" of the rail should be behind the frame exposed.

The mount is now complete and we can attached our projection screen material. You could attach the frame mounting rail after you attach your projection screen material but we thought it best to keep the sharp objects and tools away from the projection screen material.

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