DIY Projection Screen Instructions - Step 5 - Hanging Frame

DIY Projection Screen Frame
Mounting to the Wall Instructions

A guide to creating a profession DIY projection screen frame.

We are done with our DIY projection screen. It is time to mount it to the wall and enjoy it. The approach we took here will allow for leveling the screen prior to mounting and for post installation horizontal alignment to the image.
Level of Difficulty: 1 out of 10



Tools Required:
Screw Driver
Stud Finder
3" Wood Screws



Step 5 - Mounting the Frame to the Wall Instructions

Our wood mating piece for our frame rail will need to be centered horizontally on the wall where the projection screen is to be hung. The bottom edge of our 1.5" wood mating piece will be app. 2" below our top viewing area edge. So you can use this as a gauge for height when mounting the screen.

2) Use a stud finder and mark the locations of the studs in your wall where you will be mounting the screen.

3) Hold your wood mounting piece up on the wall and mark the stud locations on the wood piece.

4) Drill thru holes at the marked locations for 3" wood screws or lag bolts. We were able to get 4 studs locations on our 6' wood mount so we are using 3" deck wood screws as these can easily hold the weight. The holes need to be drilled in the thicker lower section of the wood.

5) Screw the wood mounting piece to the wall. The notch faces the wall and this will create a groove to place our projection screen mounting rail into. We did one screw first, put a level on it and then put in the other screws.

6) Lift the screen up and place the frame mounting rail into the groove. The 1/8" groove we cut into might end up being a little narrow because of compression applied by the screws or out of even walls. We actually had to take another 1/2 blade's width off of our wood mounting piece because our 1/8" rail would not fit into it. After we adjusted the groove width the rail slid in nice and tight.

7) Check the leveling of your screen. If it is out of level it is either because the rails were not put on level or because the wood mounting piece is out of level. Fix as necessary. Ours did not need any adjustment.

8) Final Step. Turn on your projector. Adjust the size of the image and slide the screen horizontally if needed to get the image centered. You will need to make any vertical adjustments with your projector.



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