DIY Projection Screen Instructions - Step 4 - Attach Projection Screen Material

DIY Projection Screen Frame
Material Stretching and Attaching Instructions

A guide to creating a profession DIY projection screen frame.

We are now going to attach our projection screen material to our DIY projection screen frame. We recommend ordering app. 4" extra material in both directions to allow for the material to be wrapped around an edge and to provide enough material to grab on to for tensioning.
Cost of Projection Screen Material: $195
Level of Difficulty: 4 out of 10.



Tools Required:
Industrial Staple Gun

DIY Projection Screen Material Cut to Size - We are using Da-Lite Da-Mat
3/8" T50 Staples



Step 4 - Attaching Projection Screen Material Instructions:

1) Lay your material over the frame and center it.

2) Staple the corners in place. We like to work opposite corners to help keep things evenly tensioned. We double the thickness of the material at the staples in the corners because the corners will see a lot of stress since these are the first positions stapled. When tensioning the material keep in mind that you only pull the material tight enough to eliminate ripples.

3) Once the corners are done we will do the middle sides again working opposite sides first. We do not fold the material over to double up.

4) We then continue around the frame systematically from side to side working the projection screen material evenly. You may see some of the staple holes starting to open up a little bit from the tension that is being applied. Do not worry about it much. Once you fill in the edges with more staples the material will be secured very well and will not rip because the stress in the material is more evenly distributed around the frame as you add more staples in the next step.

5) Once we have around a 6" spacing or staples around the frame we then work each side individually filling in staples with app. a 1" space around the frame. Along the way we had to remove a few staples and re-staple as it was clear that we were not applying equal tension as we were stapling. This was not a big deal as the end result after a little patience was something to be appreciated and enjoyed.



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