ViaBlue Speaker Wire Copper Crimp Sleeves



Crimp Sleeves
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ViaBlue Gold Plated Copper Crimp Sleeves
   •  Gold Plated 99.99% OFC w/ Black PVC protective collar
   •  Adds protection from oxidation on the stripped speaker wire ends
   •  Protects fine strands of high end speaker wires from damage when used with speaker connectors with set screws.
   •  Black PVC Collar: Provides a cleaner look and protects against shorts.
   •  Enables larger AWG conductors to into more speaker connectors: After crimping the diameter is smaller
   •  Works well with ViaBlue / WBT Speaker Connectors or others with set screws on the same side
   •  Enhances the Aesthetics of a Custom Cable Assembly - Sample Picture with 12-2P 12AWG Cable
   •  Sold Per Piece

Crimp Sleeve Copper Tube PVC Collar Length Fits Wires
ID OD ID OD Copper Overall Max Other
4mm2 0.109" 0.125" 0.186" 0.217" 0.710" 1.030" 12/1  
6mm2 0.135" 0.155" 0.230" 0.275" 0.710" 1.036" 10/1 14/2
10mm2 0.175" 0.194" 0.270" 0.325" 0.710" 1.056" 7/1 12/2

The final crimp dimension will depend on what type of crimp tool you will be using. Fancy tools are NOT required. We used a multipurpose crimper/stripper. These tools do vary in features from MFG to MFG. The feature you will be looking for will something like this tool picture. The goal is to achieve a half moon shape on one side of the crimped sleeve. This will allow you to maintain maximum contact area with the speaker connector. The other side of the crimp is not important as this will be contacted by the set screws in the speaker.

When using the crimp sleeve we recommend stripping off App. 1" of speaker wire insulation. Perform a test fit to make sure you have enough conductor present to fill the speaker connector and then crimp on the copper crimp sleeve. Finally, trim only enough conductor so that the crimp sleeve fits into the connector all the way. This way you have maximum contact area in the connector even if the crimp sleeve is a little short. The crimp sleeve can also be cut after crimping if they are too long.



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