Arlington CER2-WH Retrofit Reversible Bulk Wire Plate - 2 Gang - White

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All Arlington Industries CE Scoop Series wall plates are reversible and allows the nose of the bulk wire plate to be position inside or outside the wall. When the nose is inverted you have the ability to get devices closer to the wall. This is particularly useful behind flat panel displays as well as behind speakers. The Arlington bulk wire wall plates also feature squared off noses so they provide maximum cable capacity in minimal space. Note: If you plan to use the nose inside the wall you will need a low voltage bracket like the LV series from Arlington. Other low voltage boxes have too much depth to them and restrict the passage of cables.

The CER Series is design for post or retrofit cable installations as well as for cables with large connectors. The lower portion of this bulk wire wall plate is removable so you can install this retrofit plate after the cables have been installed/connected. This retrofit plate is still reversible so can still have the nose inside the wall if you want.

Arlington Industries CER2 - Retrofit Dual Gang Reversible Bulk Wire Wall Plate
   •  Color: White
   •  For Low Voltage Class 2 Use Only
   •  Dual Gang Bulk Wire Wall Plate
   •  Removable lower portion of Plate
        -   Can be Installed after cables are connected
        -   Can be used to fit cables with large Connectors
   •  Reversible Design - Nose in or Out
   •  Squared Single Port for Maximum Capacity
   •  Lightly Textured surface hides finger prints
   •  Mounts to Standard Single Gang Utility Boxes or Low Voltage Brackets
   •  0.130" thick Impact Resistant Plastic
   •  Countersunk Screw Holes on Both Side of the Plate
   •  Color Matched Screw Included
   •  Wire Passage Dimensions - 2.9" W Bottom & 2.7"W Top x 1.43"D
   •  Overall Dimensions - 4.6" W x 4.65" H x 1.92" Depth

View Arlington CER2 Bulk Wire Plate - Back - JPG

View Arlington CER2 Bulk Wire Plate - Lower Portion Removed - JPG

View the Arlington CE Series - Product Brochure - PDF

Optional Items:
   •  Low Voltage Mounting Bracket
        -  LV2 Two Gang Retrofit Low Voltage Mounting Bracket
        -  LVS2 Two Gang Screw On New Constuction Low Voltage Mounting Bracket
        -  LVN2 Two Gang Nail On New Constuction Low Voltage Mounting Bracket

Note: The Optional Items will be added at the quantity matching the item quantity.


  • White
  • Two Gang
Work Box Type:
  • Bulk Wire
  • Retrofit