Variably Open - Manual Shades

Phifer Sheerweave SW5000 Variable Open Clutch & Chain Driven Roller Shades & Blinds

Product Code: MWSH-P5000-CL


Sold Per - Piece/Item

Chain/Clutch / R11 Linen/Cranberry, R86 Jute/Flax, R95 Bark/Sienna, Q96 Thatch/Wheatgrass, R87 Jute/Latte, V90 Crepe/Chestnut, U15 Crepe/Granola, Q48 Bark/Cedar, R94 Wicker/Truffle, U28 Seaglass/Chardoney, R91 Chenille/Honey, U25 Seaglass/Copper, R90 Chenille/Pearl, Q53 Honeycomb/Brown Sugar, Q51 Wicker/Mushroom, R92 Chenille/Driftwood, Q47 Moire/Mocha, U10 Linen/Topaz, U14 Crepe/Walnut, P60 Bamboo/Birch, V88 Linen/Fig, Q95 Tweed/Buckeye, R88 Jute/Coffee, U11 Linen/Burlap, R12 Linen/Cinnamon, R85 Jute/Parchment, Q43 Marble/Sand, U12 Linen/Cream, Q46 Bamboo/Wheat, U24 Seaglass/Silver, R93 Wicker/Straw, U29 Seaglass/Crystal, Q50 Bark/Tiger Oak, R89 Chenille/Marshmellow, Q94 Tweed/Oatmeal, Q49 Rattan/Umber, U16 Crepe/Toasted Coconut / Vinyl / Phifer / Varies / Sheerweave 5000 / Varies / Varies / 98"

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